IMPORTANT: Please type your name, address, e-mail and phone below this line, before proceeding. And please answer every question in the application.  Thanks!

1. How did you hear about us? This is very useful information for us so please help us out. Thanks!
2. If you're interested in a particular dog in our rescue, please tell us the dog's NAME and what it is that attracts you to this particular dog.
3. Please share with us why you're interested in adopting at this particular time.
4. Please tell us about the members of your household. If you have children, please tell us their ages. 
5. Are other family members or friends living with you temporarily? If so, please tell us who they are and if they have any pets.
6. Are you (and/or your spouse, if applicable) retired?
7. Do you (AND, if applicable, your spouse both) work some place other than your home?
8. Is anyone in the household allergic to dogs or cats?
9. Is this dog primarily intended for a particular member of your family? Please explain.
10. Please tell us about any dogs you've owned and what happened to them.
11. Who in the household is most likely to care for your new family member?
12. Please tell us how many dogs, cats, and other pets are in your household right now. Be sure to include any pets that may be temporary residents. Please tell us a little bit about each of these pets: their species, their breeds, their ages, and their genders.
13. Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you, your spouse, the members of your family, or your pets?
14. How much time would you estimate that your own dog or a foster dog will spend alone each day?
15. Will your dog generally be kept inside or outside of the house?
16. Where is your dog likely to be most of the time when you are at home?
17. Where is (or was) your dog kept when nobody is at home?
18. Where do your current dogs sleep at night - or where did your previous dog sleep at night?
19. Do you typically free-feed (leave a big bowl of food out most of the day) your dogs? If not, please tell us how you usually feed your dogs.
20. What brands of dog food or cat food do you usually buy?
21. Do you have a preference for a male or female? Do you care what color your dog is - sable & white, tri-color, or merle? Do you have a strong preference for a small, medium, or large Sheltie?
22. What age range are you willing to consider for your new companion?
23. What kind of personality are you hoping your new family member will have?
24. Is there anything you'd like us to know about your house, your pets, how you care for them, or how you say goodbye to them?
25a. In what type of home do you live (apartment, ranch house, two-story, etc.)?
25b. ALSO, do you have a swimming pool? IF YES, is it fenced?
26. Do you own or rent your home?
27. Do you have a fully fenced yard? If so, about how high is the fencing? Does the fence have a gate? If so, is there a locking mechanism on the gate?
28. Have you recently (within the last year) lost a dog for any of the following reasons? If YES, please check all that apply.
29. Have you EVER lost a dog due to any of the following reasons? Please check all that apply.
30. Have you been with your pet if euthanasia was necessary? Please tell us a little about this.
31. Please let us know who your current veterinarian is and how we can contact the vet.
32. Where would you take your dog for emergency care after normal business hours?
33. Have you ever taken a dog to formal training classes?
34. Are dog training classes easily available in your area?
35. Would you allow us to visit your home before accepting you as an adopting family for one of our dogs?
I certify that the information on this application is true to the best of my knowledge and that any departure from these statements that are found are grounds to have my adopted dog removed from my house.

Please enter your name and today's date indicating your agreement with the statements above:
Congratulations! You've completed this Adoption Application. We're a small group so if you don't hear from us in a few days, please feel free to contact Sheltie Rescue Alternative, Inc. at nyevita@aol.com.