Publications by the writing team of Leslie Crane Rugg & Eva Saks
Lymphoma: Death Be Not Proud 
AKC Gazette, November 2010
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The Dirty Dozen: A Handy Guide to Tackling Taboo Subjects with your Friends about their Dogs
Fido Friendly, October 2010
In the Doghouse: Rescue as Adultery
 Fido Friendly, October 2010
Book Review
Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim's Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding your Dog and Cat 
The Bark, September/October 2010
Decoding Coat Color: Basic Genetics of the Canine Color Pallette
AKC Gazette, August 2010
Summer Reading Part 2: Fiction & Fun 
Tigertail Foods web exclusive, Sit Stay Read column, July 2010
Summer Reading Part 1: Behavior- Food - Health  
Tigertail Foods web exclusive, Sit Stay Read column, June 2010
Going Places: This Fancier provides Big Support outside the Show Ring
AKC Gazette, April 2010
Ten Tips for Tough Times: How to Weather the Recession
Animal Wellness, February/March 2010
Tooth or Dare: Ways to Maintain Your Canine’s Canines
AKC Gazette, February 2010
Have Dog, Will Travel: Vintage Travel Posters
 Fido Friendly, February 2010
TREAT Dogs & Kids Right: Healthy Food They Both Can Share
The Bark web exclusive, December 2009
Raw Food to Go! Leaving the Kibble Behind 
Fido Friendly, December 2009
What’s in a Name? 
 Fido Friendly, December 2009
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